Monday, April 15, 2019

The Beginning of Personal Branding

I wear a lot of hats. As I started exploring and working to create a sustainable niche for myself in the wide Internet world, I felt like I opened a closet door and hats rained down upon me.

Learning about personal branding has been a way to help me gain some control over my creative identity. This modest website is a place where I can unify my creative roles into a coherent whole: an author page, an illustrator page, a foundation for my Etsy site (*insert shameless plug here:*), and a way to share what I learn. 

I don't want to waste an opportunity to catalogue my journey. I've created this blog to write about my undertakings, process, and, I'm sure, the many setbacks I encounter. I also want to credit the fabulous people who took the time to share their own journeys, because I have learned so much from others. 

Below are some resources that I found helpful when thinking about how to work toward creating a personal brand. The first two links are short TEDx Talks that helped me think about why and how personal branding could help me as I move forward.  The last three links are specifically about branding oneself as an author. 
Personal branding overview:
TEDx Talk by Ann Bastianelli about how the principals of market branding apply to you.
TEDx Talk by Tai Tran on how to think about branding yourself and how it can help you promote yourself.

Knowledgeable posts on author branding:

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