Friday, June 21, 2019

Working Toward Querying an Agent

I am in the process of writing my query letters, being careful to customize each one for each agent. It is...nerve wracking. Trying to insert a hint of myself into the letters, without accidentally tipping the cauldron and having my personality slosh out and puddle into a sticky mess, has been difficult.

This goes hand in hand with a final prioritizing of my agent list. I've run into some interesting issues. For example, an agent I'm really excited about left the agency. I found two agents from one agency are equally appealing, but for very different reasons. I believe my personality would mesh much better with one agent, which is an important factor to consider when trying to build a long-term partnership. But the other agent seems more likely to be receptive about, maybe even excited about, my writing. Another agent I had on my short list is still exciting, but a deeper dive into the agency made me think that might not be the best place for me.

Looking closer at some of the agencies' websites has also been interesting. Some websites are clearly better than others. Some agencies provide more support in legal areas, others are more focused on alternate media, others on foreign marketing. So there is a second layer to my agent list that I overlooked.

Okay, back to looking through literary agency websites and agent descriptions.

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