Who is L Ware?

Hello! I'm Lezlee Ware, aka L Ware, a whirling dervish of ideas and information. 
I am an award winning artist and freelance illustrator. I am also a consultant, dedicated researcher, data analyst, and Grade A problem solver. That analytical side helps me to think through my projects, avoid problems, and stay organized.

I have an insidious plan to fill the world up with whimsy.

I firmly believe the world needs more whimsy. I am happy to deliver through my artistic talent and my hyperactive imagination.

I have a lot of experience capturing ideas and filtering them through my own lens. Admittedly, my lens is a little warped, changing the real world into a more magical place. I think that's the real talent I bring to the table.

Check out my illustration portfolio! If you are interested in working with me, please email me at i4nature.email@gmail.com


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